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Window sill repair service in Illinois

Professionals, who know how to handle damaged and rotted wood window sash frames and window sill repair will ensure the job is done right. Window Repair Inc. in Illinois, repairs and restores the rotten and broken parts of your old window sash frames and window sill repair, as well as other parts that may need repair or replacement. We have an experience with old windows sashes of any type and every structure. So, no matter where or how rough the job is, we can help. Call us today for a free estimate!

Our window repair services include:

before window sill repair service after Old window sill repair service

Window sill repair near me

  • Rotten old window repair service
  • Rotten wooden window sill repair
  • Window sill repair
  • Renovation of wood doors
  • Installation of window or door glass
  • Silicone replacement and seam sealing
  • Hardware change
  • And much more!

About us

Looking for Window Repair Near Me (Chicago)? We are Window Repair Inc, specialize in window repair in Chicago and the suburbs. With over a decade of window and door repair experience, we are proud to be your choice for quality service and affordable prices.

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