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When it comes to problems with window frames, trying to fix things yourself to save money is not the best choice. Window repair and reconstruction is complicated and intricate. It is a home repair that must be performed by professionals. When the work is done properly, your windows will look as good as new, and your house will once again have that warm and cozy feeling. Our professional window repair company and restoration services will ensure a long life for your windows.

The windows may need repair or routine maintenance in the following cases

You may need to repair a rotted wood window if you notice any signs of decay or damage. This can include soft or spongy wood, discoloration or dark spots on the wood, or visible holes or cracks. Additionally, if the window is not opening or closing properly or has become drafty, it may be a sign of underlying damage or rot that needs to be addressed. Regular inspections and maintenance of wooden windows can help catch and address any issues before they become too severe. It's important to repair rotted wood windows as soon as possible to prevent further damage and maintain the structural integrity of the window.

  • You see moisture or condensation between the sealed double-glazed glass
  • The mechanical parts (opener, locks, hinges, etc.) of your windows are tight
  • You have difficulty opening and closing windows
  • There is a draft or an air exchange happening in and around windows
  • Your windows are more than 8 years old

Window Repair Inc. repairs and restores the rotten and broken parts of your wood old window frames, as well as other parts that may need repair or replacement. These parts may include window frames, window sash, window sill, brick molding, glazing bead, foggy glass, broken window glass, casement window, double hung window, etc.

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