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Why Rely on a Professional Rotten Window Sill Replacement Service?

The windows of your Chicago home are exposed to all sorts of inclement weather all year-round! Are you aware that your window sills take quite beating off constantly exposed to weather nuances? This degrades the quality of wooden window sills. In this case, you should opt for a professional rotten window sill replacement service in Chicago to get the best results. If the damaged window sills are not taken care in a proper way, then it can cause more damage to the structure like the decay of the exterior siding, hardwood flooring, wall framing and attracts ant/termites.

The causes of a rotten window sill are:

  1. Exposure to rain water
  2. Rainwater bouncing off the roof
  3. Flashing trapping the moisture
  4. Wood rot

With the professionals, you will get the best assistance to ensure a proper and convenient replacement of your rotten window sill. Please read on to find out how the professionals help in replacing your Chicago home’s rotten window sill in a convenient and safe way!

Wood Window Repair

1. Proper Assessment:

By properly inspecting the window sills, the professionals will make sure in evaluating the exact condition. When the paint of your window sill is peeling, then it is considered to be the first stage of window sill deterioration. If this case is neglected, then the water and molds would break down the wood components and within a few days or weeks, your window sills rot.

If your window is new and in good condition, then the professionals often advise replacing your window sill without removing the window.

2. Necessary Materials and Equipment:

With the professionals, you need not have to worry about your window sill replacement project. The professionals will make sure in using the industry grade materials and equipment to replace rotten window sills.

3. Perform a Convenient Replacement Process:

The professionals have the right knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure a safe and convenient window sill replacement project in a step by step process:

Remove the Outer Trim: The expert technicians will separate the exterior trim from the interior trim with great care.

Take out the Window Frame: Then the technicians will remove the window frame and inspect the areas for any termites or ants. If found, then it will be good to use pesticide to kill the termites and ants.

Replace the Rotten Window Sill: With right measurements, the experienced technicians will install the new window sill by replacing the old one. After which, the window frame is installed back with all the cracks and holes are properly sealed.

You can hire a professional rotten wood sill replacement service from Window Repair Inc to get a superior quality service at a reasonable price. We are proud to be rated as one of the most reliable wooden window repair service providers in Chicago and other suburbs. Window Repair Inc is dedicated to providing a wide variety of affordable window repair, glass replacement, sealing change and wood window frame repair.

For your window repair needs in Chicago and other suburbs, please call us today at (847) 881-6887!

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